Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What women want ...

What do women want? The all-time question. Most of us would say, well just ask us and we will tell you. This is sometimes a lie. Because when you do ask us we will say things like; happiness, a clean house, a vacation, or new shoes. But really is that what we want. I have been doing some research in this area in some reliable and not so reliable places like Cosmo magazine, the bible, Face book, friends, church, my kid, my husband, my brother, and random tidbits here and there Oh and don't forget the movie! (What women want)?

So here are a list of things I have found that women SAY they want/ or May want
Shoes, a house, babies, love, time, a vacation, a clean house, happiness, more money, cars, to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be skinny, to feel better, to look better, a break, a job, a better job, more friends, less friends, their children to behave, their children to live life and have experiences, a godly husband, to be a godly wife/mother, to be cherished by someone, Chandeliers and rubber duckies.

So if there is a woman in your life; how do find out what she wants. How do you pick from the list and say ok- this is what she wants. Well you can start off by asking her, listen and watch. My hubby is VERY good at these things. When I see something I like I tell him (which is ALOT) he also watches when I browse through things. He also pays attention to what I do and say (most of the time :))
So in essence; study your woman; if it’s your wife, mother daughter or sister> you really do need to study her.
All of us desire things in life, sometimes we forget that, but we do.
Lots of women in the bible desired children (Hannah, Elizabeth, etc.) to carry on family names and due to the status that came with child-bearing.
They also desired their children to follow God (Timothy's mother and grandmother).
They desired Godly men/husbands.
They desired favor from their husbands and children.
They desired wealth and prosperity for their families.
They desired ungodly lusts.
Not all women desired all of these, but these are different things the Bible talks about.

You should also know her love language. Look up the 5 love languages online and research*
They are as follows:
1.      Quality Time
2.      Physical Touch
3.      Words of affirmation
4.      Acts of Service
5.      Gifts
Women- we need to know this about our guy too!

So back to the topic; what do women want? My answer - IT ALL....to work out.
We want to know it’s all going to be OK.
We want to know you will love us forever
We want to know our children will be safe happy and healthy
We want to know our jobs are OK, our home is OK, and our marriage is OK
Peace, Love, Joy we want it all

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New look

welcome to my prettier - pretty much the same thing- blog

you will learn lots about me in this blog:  mostly that im super random, creative, like music, puppies, ADD, ponies, and really want to live a life for Christ and love my family

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pitch Perfect

Oh MY have you seen this new movie (new to me). Pitch perfect. excluding a horrible puke scene and some mild language- teenage/ college imaturity- (i know that ALL sounds really bad) but the music in this movie- i cant forget it! amazing!! would love to do this Christian style! love love love

Oh and Fat Amy! want to be like her !

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Updates to my random facts.

  • Nail polish! -I am now - not so secretly - in love with nail polish- (i blame pinterest!)
  • I now have a sewing machine and really want to learn how to use it
  • I have a new boss! and love her!
  • I cant wait for vacation- so i can post new family pictures
  • Justin and I are still looking for a house to buy
  • I may want to try skinny Jeans- to change my look up a little- while I'm losing weight, i may as well buy new clothes
  • I cant wait for it to get warmer- my ideal temp is 74-82' ish.
  • WANT really badly to wear flip flops and shorts (and look cute) *see above
  • WANT really badly to see friends in FL on vacation


So recently i found out i have type 2 diabetes. if you are friends with me on FB you know that i have laid it all out on there. but as it goes. Justin (my Hubs) and i had decided to start trying for baby #2. so i went to have my IUD removed- short visit to the hospital because it was rough, went to reg. doc for blood testing- results came back- bam! type 2 diabetes. so now we must change everything we cook and eat (OK mostly me, but my hubby is a good sport) and in the sake of losing weight and getting healthier to reach our goal of a huge family- we are trying to live healthier. i take my sugar levels every day- try to eat right and its working. this week has been kind of crazy because Justin is home with Libby who has the flu. our church Sylvania Baptist Church is growing and changing and its very exciting. we missed the Easter service due to Libby's illness. and i really want to do better with this blog!!!!!!Also today is autism awareness day (month) in honor of this i have painted my nails blue and donned a blue tank. i don't know anyone directly affected by autism (as far as i know) but i do have compassion on the children and parents affected by it. i have a soft spot for special needs kids (and pets). *random; i also have a soft spot for Marines*.
So all that being said, i am having a pretty good week.
Love you all!
See you soon! I'm going to do better!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the long wait

sorry for the very wide separation in my blogs, I'm not very good at this. :)
things i have been interested in since my last blog.
i am IN LOVE with Pinterest.com!!! love finding new ideas for clothes, kid stuff, food, DIY home ideas and etc. my hubby thinks I'm crazy! i love it.
i also am currently reading "the Help"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1454029/, we got the movie for Christmas and the book. i love the movie and have watched it about 87 times, now reading the book is AMAZING!
which got me interested in some books like "to kill a mocking bird" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Kill_a_Mockingbirdand "the souls of black folk"http://www.bartleby.com/114/ as well as "let us now praise famous men"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let_Us_Now_Praise_Famous_Men- all mentioned in "The help". which spurred my interest in other civil rights and segregation books (at the library) i love the library.
recently - like today, i started looking up new books like "the silence of mocking birds"http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13410073-a-silence-of-mockingbirds and "mocking bird don't sing" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0273822/that i heard about. human relationships and activity is fascinating to me, how people treat each other, and it stands out most when they mis-treat each other, not that its a good thing. the last two are mistreatment of children. the latter "mocking bird don't sing" is about a girl that i read a bookhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genie_(feral_child) about and now has been turned into a movie. fascinating. so that's what I'm up to .. just my stuff.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sounds like a Meth lab= Tobacco

 Some random facts because i care and want you to know

Cancer Causing AgentsNitrosamines
Polonium 210
Dibenz Acidine
N. Nitrosonornicotine


AcetoneNail Polish Remover
Acetic AcidVinegar
AmmoniaFloor/Toilet Cleaner
ButaneCigarette Lighter Fluid
CadmiumRechargeable Batteries
Carbon MonoxideCar Exhaust Fumes
FormaldehydeDead Body Preserver
Fabric Preserver

HexamineBarbecue Lighter
Hydrogen CyanideGas Chamber Poison
MethanolRocket Fuel
Addictive Drug

NitrobenzeneGasoline Additive
Nitrous Oxide PhenolsDisinfectant
Stearic AcidCandle Wax
TolueneIndustrial Solvent
Vinyl ChlorideIngredient of PVC

Sounds like a Meth lab right - check again,
Following (ABOVE) are some of the categories of chemicals found in each cigarette:

Ammonia (one of the 4,000 chemicals placed in cigarettes) is added solely for the purpose of enhancing the effects of nicotine. Ammonia added to commercially made cigarettes can boost the impact of nicotine 100 times. -- (The Washington Post, July 30, 1997)


How are tobacco products different from each other?
Tobacco products differ mostly in the way they are used and, consequently, the way they injure users. Cigarettes are the most common form of tobacco used, but cigars and smokeless tobacco are every bit as dangerous. All tobacco causes cancer; cigars and cigarettes most commonly cause lung cancer, but they can lead to a variety of other cancers, as well. Smokeless tobacco, on the other hand, mostly causes cancer of the mouth, throat, and stomach. All tobacco use also leads to heart disease.
All tobacco contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive drug, but the different products have different amounts. For example, one cigar has as much nicotine as almost three packs of cigarettes. A cigar can contain up to 444 mg of nicotine, while a cigarette can contain up to 11 mg of nicotine! A pocket-size packet of smokeless tobacco contains as much nicotine as three packs of cigarettes. The moister the tobacco, the higher the nicotine content.
All tobacco also contains a variety of toxic chemicals. Cigar smoke has the same poisons and chemicals that cause cancer as cigarette smoke and contains higher levels of some of those chemicals. Smokeless tobacco contains formaldehyde, which is embalming fluid, nitrosamine and benzopyrene, which are known carcinogens, and Uranium 235 and Polonium 210, both of which are nuclear products. In all, chewing tobacco (or spit tobacco) contains at least 28 cancer-causing chemicals!